Violin Lesson 42; Introduction to Double-Stops pt.2 // Violin Lesson 43; Introduction to Double-Stops pt.3

I said in this video that there are three types of tunings - but this is not correct. There are two natural types of tunings: Pythagorean and Just (google them for more info). I added Equal Temperament as the third type, but a temperament is a bending or adjustment of a natural tuning. There are other temperaments, such as Irregular temperament, common in Bach's day. Today we are mostly comfortable with Equal Temperament, it's how a piano is tuned, and it's also the tuning we get from an electronic tuner. String players don't tune the open strings this way though because the Perfect 5ths will not ring "pure", even when the electronic tuner says it is perfect. Seem complicated???

3rd in series

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